Best Lace Up Work Boots

Having the best lace up work boots is crucial for a man who works hard. These boots need to provide substantial protection, rugged construction and unequaled comfort. Fortunately, there are many work boot manufacturers that truly “get” what a man needs in his work boot.

These 5 best lace-up work boots will provide men with all they are looking for, along with the style they want. Check out these lace-up work boots and see which pair will be best for your line of work.

Top 5 best lace up work boots

1) Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Double Comfort Work Boot

Justin Original Work Boots Men's Double Comfort Work Boot

Justin is one of the most-respected boot manufacturers because they insist on only using the best in materials and craftsmanship. This boot is no exception since it offers durable ruggedness, style, and full comfort.

This full-leather boot is oiled, to keep it water-resistant. With a 8 1/2 ” shaft, a man will have the full protection he needs. Featuring a full rubber sole, the boot helps a man to stay stable on various terrains.

This boot offers an expansive 7-layer padding insole construction to keep the feet comfortable, cushioned and dry, no matter how long a man is on his feet or on what terrain.


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2) Chippewa Men’s 6 Inch Lace-Up Rugged Boot

Chippewa Men's 6 Inch Lace-Up Rugged Boot

Chippewa Odessa boots are made for the man who demands a rugged boot that will stand up to whatever he throws at it. The smooth black leather of these work boots shows less damage and dirt than other types.

With single stitched welt and a 6-inch best lace up Work Boots shaft, these boots offer full protection without getting in the way of comfort. With the padded, removable insole, a man can customize his fit for increased comfort.

These boots are perfect for indoor or outdoor work and keep the feet comfortable and dry for hours on end.


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3) Ariat Men’s Workhog 8″ Work Boot

Ariat Men's Workhog 8 Work Boot

With Ariat’s ATS Max technology, a man’s foot can properly flex and move for improved posture and supreme comfort.

With a footbed that causes less friction, the feet are less likely to grow overly hot and become blistered. This boot is manufactured with single stitched Goodyear welt and around and roomy toe area.

These boots offer a Duratread outsole and speed hooks that make lacing them easier than ever before. Ariat boots are durable, stylish and will offer supreme comfort for a long day’s work.


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4) Carhartt Men’s CMW6610 6 Met Work Boot

Carhartt Men's CMW6610 6 Met Work Boot

Carhartt is a name that has become synonymous with durable work gear with style.

These black leather work boots feature a waterproof membrane that keeps the foot dry and comfortable, even under wet conditions.

The flexible upper metatarsal guards are meant to allow the foot to move properly while helping to prevent strain and injury.

With extra padding in the insole, collars and tongue, these boots are meant to allow a man to go the long haul without causing foot fatigue and pain.


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5) Rocky Men’s Iron Clad Eight Inch Work Boot

Rocky Men's Iron Clad Eight Inch Work Boot

Rocky work boots are meant to withstand hour upon hour of abuse without causing a man’s feet to feel hot, restless and in pain.

These 8-inch best lace up work boots offer a fully waterproof construction so a man can work in all types of wet conditions without experiencing wet feet.

The round soft toe area is comfortable, yet protective. The deeply lugged sole helps the feet to stay stable and the padded collars, tongue and insole allow for the perfect level of comfort.


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Conclusion: Best Lace-Up Work Boots

Men who need a work boot that can stand up to abuse while having the lace-ups that allow them to customize their level of comfort will find all of these lace-up boots to offer them just what they are looking for.

Outside of personal preferences, most men will find any one of these boots to provide them with the rugged construction and non-slip outsole they need so they can work in a variety of conditions without fear of slipping and becoming injured.

A lace-up work boot may not go on with the ease of a pull-on, but most of these boots offer hooks that allow lacing to be faster than ever before. With rugged construction, men will not have to worry about their boots breaking down or becoming damaged, even after years of work. Check out these five best lace up work boots and see which one will offer you the best protection, comfort, and style.