Best Lineman Work Boots Reviews 2022

Best Lineman Work Boots Reviews

Best-Lineman Work-Boots

Lineman boots are special boots used by those who regularly climb poles, transmission lines, and telephone lines. Cable installers, tree service workers, anyone who works around or with power lines—these are the types of workers that often require lineman work boots. Most, if not all lineman boots share similar qualities:

  • Lineman boots are durable; they are, at the very least, water-resistant and they are made from sturdy materials. The various components of the boot are often reinforced with other heavy-duty materials; for example, the sides of a leather pair of lineman boots with also feature leather patches on the side and steel side panels.
  • The best lineman boots have excellent electrical hazard protection. Anyone who works with electricity, be it as a hobby or weekend project or as an actual career, must guard against electrical shock. Exceptional protection in this area is a defining feature of lineman boots.
  • Heavy-duty steel shanks and steel plates are hallmarks of these boots as well. These inclusions are meant to give support to the foot and prevent the shoe from bending while one is climbing or standing on a ladder, rung, etc.

How Are Lineman Boots Different From Other Types Of Work Boots?

Lineman boots are specifically made to withstand the hazards that come from climbing and working around electricity. They offer essential protection against the unique dangers that come from such activities, which is why they are necessary—regular work boots just are not enough.

Typically made of more durable materials, such as heavy cowhide, and they often lack any kind of lining, unlike regular work boots. These boots can also be much taller than everyday work boots.

Inflexible; this is because they have double or extra-strong steel shanks under the instep. This type and level of support is necessary to those who must do a great deal of climbing, standing on ladders, or standing on pole rungs. The shanks are often reinforced with metal plates.

Made for climbing. For example, the sides of lineman work boots feature leather patches and steel plates that protect against abrasion. They also have accommodations for wearing climbing spikes

Regular work boots may protect the wearer from electricity up to a point, but lineman boots are approved for electrical hazard, which means that the wearer is safe from any electric shock risks. Rubber is often used to provide extra insulation and protection from these kinds of threats.

Why Do You Need Lineman Work Boots?

Being a lineman is one of the most dangerous jobs in developed countries. It involves heights, electricity, and oftentimes poor lighting and weather conditions. Don’t buy inferior quality boots to save a few dollars, it could end up costing you significantly more.

Lineman boots don’t come cheap but they are worth every single penny.

Best Lineman Work Boots Reviews

Wesco Highliner Men’s Lineman Work Boots Review

Wesco Highliner Men’s Lineman Boots Review

First up we have the renowned Wesco Highliners. These are a favorite among veteran lineman for good reason. They’re made specifically with climbing in mind. They have an extra heavy steel shank, steel side plate, and metal heel breastplate that helps protect the boots from wear and tear of use. They stand 16 inches tall which is adequate to fully protect your leg. The insole is amazingly comfortable and shock absorbing.

When wearing these you can be sure to feel comfortable and safe. They are light which helps with the fatigue of making the climbs. They are pricey but these are my first suggestions and will pay for themselves in no time.

Why We Love Them: These are the best lineman work boots around. The quality is superior, the comfort second to none, the safety unquestionable.

Where We Think They Could Do Better: They don’t come cheap.


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Carolina Domestic Lineman Boot

Carolina Domestic Lineman Boot
Carolina boots are similar to the Wesco in quality, without the premium price-tag. They’re composed of a full-grain leather upper and lined vamp. The shank is heavy duty and ready for even the most grueling climbs. They have all the safety ratings needed for lineman work.

The insole is anti-microbial which is great if you sweat a lot. The bad bacteria won’t have a chance to build up and cause foot irritation. I’d suggest these if you don’t have the cash but the Wesco but still want a high-quality boot.

They do have a long break-in time so we don’t suggest wearing them to work immediately.

Why We Love Them: They keep their prices relatively low without compromising on the integrity and structure of the boot.

Where We Think They Could Do Better: They could be a little more comfortable. We found that after an extended shift our toes were a bit sore.

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