Best Logger Work Boots Reviews 2022

Best Logger Work Boots

Logging is one the most important and most dangerous jobs in the world. So dangerous and rigorous in fact, that specially constructed boots are required to get the job done. The feet, no less than any other part of the body, need the highest levels of protection. It’s no good settling for an average pair of best logger work boots; you must have the best logging work boots, heavy-duty and tailor-made for the job, to provide the utmost ankle support while safeguarding the feet against accidents such as slip-ups with a running chainsaw.

With logging procedures entailing the felling and transportation of trees and cutting and moving logs, the machinery and equipment involved bring their own particular dangers, so loggers need to be constantly on their guard while carrying out these operations.

According to the National Safety Council, in 1997 there were 180,000 foot-related workplace injuries. One-quarter of all disabling workplace injuries involve the feet, including punctures, crushing, sprains, cuts, falls and slips. The last thing a logger needs is to lose his footing while wielding an industrial chainsaw. Loggers who don’t want to become an accident statistic recognize that as far as safety is concerned, the feet are just as important as the rest of the body.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) points out that apparatus such as chainsaws and logging machines pose dangers wherever they are used as loggers deal with huge weights and the powerful momentum of falling, rolling, and sliding trees and logs, often in hazardous environmental conditions on isolated work sites where health-care amenities are not immediately accessible.

Loggers need the highest levels of protection when it to comes to safety wear, starting with the feet. Standard boots just won’t do; you need the best logging boots you can afford. Some brands, including Chippewa, specialize in this, producing footwear that will provide maximum safety and last for years.

The best logger work boots differ in design from average work boots, focusing on features that provide high standards of protection while not sacrificing comfort, including extra traction to ensure a good grip in all types of weather, a tall heel, and 100% exterior waterproofing coupled with breathable insides, to make sure the feet stay dry but that air is still circulating.

A high boot combined with a quality shank will provide much-needed support over harsh terrains, and a steel or composite toe is essential. The outstanding features of the best logger boots also make them an ideal choice for those in other walks of life who demand the utmost standards of durability and comfort from their footwear.

Another important factor in logger safety is ankle support. The National Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety (THATS) Foundation, run by the Forest Resources Association, was set up in 1991 to promote and support safe work practices in timber harvesting and transportation, and it points out that slip-on boots are out of the question when it comes to logging, because of inadequate ankle support.

Footwear safety is paramount in the logging and forestry business to avoid life-threatening situations and horrifying injuries. This is an area where clearly only the best will do. You can’t put a price on health and well-being.

Top 4 Best Logging Work Boots Reviews

4# Carolina Men’s Logger Work Boots
Carolina Men’s Logger Work Boots

The outstanding aspect of this boot is the composite toe, which is much warmer and lighter than a steel toe, and, therefore, provides a greater level of comfort. Other features include a 100% waterproof membrane, a removable polyurethane footbed, electrical-hazard safeguards and a heavy-duty Steel Linesman shank.

When it comes to comfort and support, the lace-up CA7522 is hard to beat, while its quality materials enable it to stand up to the harshest of conditions.


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3# Chippewa Men’s Super Logger Work Boots

Chippewa Men’s Super Logger Boots

A rugged, leatherwork boot that has it all, including steel toe, waterproofing and insulation. The USA-made lace-up boot (with speed hooks and stay-put waxed laces for easy lacing) also features a sweat-permeable membrane. Sure-footing is assured by the yellow plug logger sole and 2″ logger heel, the sturdily-treaded rubber outsole providing excellent traction and resilience. An additional safety precaution comes in the form of electrical-hazard protection.

Chippewa Boot Company has been producing quality boots since 1901, using only the best components and craftsmanship to ensure its footwear stands the test of time while incorporating classic styling. Come rain, sleet, snow or mud, the Super Logger won’t let you down.


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2# Justin Original Loggers Work Boots

Another boot that comes with the “Made in the USA” stamp, the Jmax lace-up is hand-crafted with 100% leather and boasts waterproof full-bootie construction, a steel toe and a lug sole with a 2.25″ heel – hard-working boots for hard-working men.

Justin Boots has been around since 1879 when it began making cowboy boots. The company has obviously stood the test of time, and so will these Justin Original Work Boots.


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1# Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers Boots Review
Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers Boots Review

Designed to tackle almost any terrain, these full-grain leather, rubber-soled boots feature a lace-up system boasting solid stud-hooks and eyelets set on steel washers. Although made of soft leather, there’s nothing soft about these hard-working, waterproof logging boots.

Bolstered by a protective steel toe, plus a Goodyear welt, removable polyurethane insert and a rubber, abrasion-resistant outsole, these best logging work boots scores highly on comfort and safety levels.


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Best Logging Work Boots 2022

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