Best Mechanic Work Boots Reviews 2022

Best Mechanic Work Boots

Mechanics are one of the backbones of the world. They are the unsung heroes that quietly keep everything working and in good order, to do that you must be equipt with The Best Mechanic Work Boots

My theory is that the only time people ever see us is when they have a problem. They begin to associate mechanics with problems and become suspicious of our intentions. Not to say there aren’t mechanics out there trying to make an easy buck, but the vast majority of us are just trying to be good people and get through the day.

Being a mechanic is not a glamorous job, it’s full of dirt, grime, and dangers. We can minimize the hazards by wearing the proper protective gear while working such as glasses, gloves, and boots. This article is going to be primarily about the best mechanic work boots and how to find them.

What To Look For In Mechanic Boots?

As a mechanic, you know how hard the job can be on your feet, knees, and back. They’re also a constant risk of slipping from oil and other slick substances. Foot and toe injuries are also incredibly common among mechanics. We typically work in confined spaces that only increase the odds of accidents due to less visibility of our surroundings combined with a fast-paced and hectic workplace.

So the four main features to consider when purchasing mechanic boots are:

  1. Support and Comfort – Your boots need adequate insole and outsole support and shock absorption. If you wear lower quality footwear you may find yourself with foot, knee, and back pain as you age. Also wearing proper footwear can help slow or halt the progression of these pains.
  2. Slip Resistance – Let’s face it, most garages aren’t exactly clean. Sometimes oil buildups and can easily cause a fall. Falls are the number one cause of workplace injuries but are also avoidable with good mechanic boots and proper safety procedures.
  3. Safety Toe – From tools to tires, there is always a significant risk of falling objects. Your toes are very susceptible to damage and should be guarded appropriately. I always suggest getting a steel or composite toe for your best mechanic work boots.
  4. Price – When looking for boots you want to find a happy balance. Cheap mechanic boots fall apart easily and will have fewer safety features. On the flip side, many manufacturers increase their prices because of brand name and recognition.

Top Picks of the Best Mechanic Work Boots

Whatever you do, make sure you get a darker color for your footwear. Oil is bound to get on them and lighter colored boots will begin to look blotchy.

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss Review

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel-Toe Boot

This is all any mechanic needs. It has great safety features, offers excellent slip protection with its thick lug outsoles, is very comfortable with Timberland patented midsole and insole shock-absorbing technology. I recommend this book to anyone who is serious about safety and works in hazardous situations regularly.

The best part about these boots is the durability they offer. I’m certain they will last through years of heavy use in the garage. They come in beautiful dark colors that will mask the stains of oil. Besides that, the price is also outstanding. They won’t clean out your wallet.

Overall these are a great, long-lasting boot that will get you through the day in comfort and style.


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Dr. Martens Ironbridge Review

Dr. Martens Ironbridge Review

Dr. Martens are famous within the safety boot industry. They supply some of the most rigorously tested safety features of all the brands. What makes these hulk-like boots so special is the addition of a metatarsal guard or met-guard for short.

Best mechanic work boots, If your workspace is littered with heavy objects then the odds of something falling on your feet exponentially increase. Safety toes are wonderful for protecting your toes, but they don’t offer any protection for the small metatarsal bones on the top of your feet. They are extremely vulnerable to falling objects, take a very long time to heal, and hurt quite a bit when injured.

That’s why I recommend met guard boots for anyone working in confined spaces with heavy objects. The additional safety features are well worth the small price increase.

Overall, these are the best of the best. They excel in anti-slip, comfort, and safety protection.


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Carhartt Rugged flex boot Review

Carhartt Rugged flex boot Review

Carhartt is a big name when it comes to safety gear. They produce anything from boots to helmets with expert craftsmanship and care. Their prices are undeniably more costly than the other brands, but you know you’re getting quality you can count on.

This mechanic boot has extra padding, longer length, and more insulation than the others. It’s great if the garage you’re working in gets cold or you have poor insulation to your feet. These are great if you’re going to be moving through snow or puddles while moving in and out of the garage.

Out of all the boots, these are the best for slips. Because they are made waterproof and winter-ready, the lugs have extra traction and control. The insulation is Thinsulate so the increased size won’t end up weighing you down.

These are a super comfortable mechanic work boot that will keep you warm during those frigid days.


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Skechers Foreman Concore Review

Skechers Foreman Concore Review

Skechers have been around forever. They are known to produce medium quality footwear that gets the job done without a high price point. These work boots stay true to that legacy.

This wouldn’t be my first pick if you’re spending hours on end in the garage. However, if you’re a casual mechanic who isn’t out there all day everyday these are a great alternative to the more premium brands.

They still offer the same safety protection as the others without the extra bells and whistles.


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Mechanic Work Boots


Best Mechanic Work Boots 2022

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